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Allard K2

Very rare roadster of the 50s

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Syndney Allard started his sports car company in the mid 1930s and the Allard Motor Company was founded in 1946. Its concept was technically simple but highly motorized, typically English sports cars. For the US export V8 engines up to 300 PS by Cadillac and Chrysler were used. These “bolides” are supposed to have reached up to 200 km/h. In 1952 Sydney Allard won the Rallye Monte Carlo.

Our Allard K2 Roadster comes with a large V8 engine by Cadillac and a quadruple double carburetor so has plenty of torque and power! Initially delivered to the US, it found its way back to Europe in 1991 and has not been used much since its restoration. Formerly with a prominent owner in France, it is now located in Germany. The Allard K2 is listed for the “Mille Miglia” so you have the opportunity to participate in one of the most famous oldtimer events!


  • 2


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • LHD




  • Petrol
  • Engine by Cadillac
  • Listed for Mille Miglia

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