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Stoewer Griffin Junior

extremly rare roadster

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The Stoewer-Werke in Szczecin did not have a mid-range product in the mid-20s. Thus the automobile company, which had been producing cars since 1899, was threatened with financial difficulties. Stoewer took over the “Röhr Junior” (a Tatra licensed construction) from the closed Röhr-Werke and built this car as the “Stoewer Greif Junior”, at that time the only German passenger car with an air-cooled engine, long before the VW Beetle. The Stoewer Greif proved itself as an undemanding utility car. In the middle of the 1930s, in Germany the popular off-road races emerged, in which factory teams competed for victory. Stoewer produced 3 special off-road roadsters with a more powerful engine, with which various victories and placings were achieved.

There are various photo documents of our Stoewer Greif Junior off-road sports car from such events in 1938 and 1939. The battered one of a kind was found in the Czech Republic and completely restored in Germany. Great importance was attached to historical correctness. Registered in Germany this very special Stoewer is a real rarity at any event.


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • 2


  • Petrol


  • registered


  • LHD
  • Central tube frame
  • engine power increased
  • engine air-cooled
  • 4 speed gearbox unsychronized

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