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Mercedes-Benz 500 E

The crowning jewel of W 124 class

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The crown jewel of the Mercedes W 124 series was the 500 E. With its V-8 engine, 500 SL brakes and understated design it made a powerful statement. Assembly was handled by Porsche in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen Germany) which to this day is remarkable and unique. Despite its price of DM 125,000, the world went crazy over the 500 E and its delivery time grew to 3 years! This sporty Mercedes class retains a very special place in the Mercedes family.

Our Mercedes 500 E has approx. 135,000 km mileage and has been with its current owner since 2013. Its pristine condition is also verified by service receipts from reputable Mercedes repair shops.


  • LHD
  • First registration February 25th, 1992

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