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EMW 327-2

Post-war convertible by EMW in sensational colour scheme!

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The body tools of the BMW 327 had survived the war. Therefore, small-series production of the BMW 327-1 began in Eisenach in 1950, of which only 10 vehicles were produced. At the beginning of 1952, production of this series was transferred to the former Gläser plant in Dresden. From 1952, series production of the Type 327 began in Eisenach, but now with the brand name EMW (Eisenacher Motoren-Werke) and with the red propeller instead of the blue one as the logo. About 800 examples of the EMW 327-2 were built, which were either exported (mainly to the BENELUX countries) or distributed to prominent people in the GDR.

Our EMW 327-2 Convertible is one of the few vehicles that were registered in the GDR and remained there. When it was acquired by the present owner family in 2000, it was still a restoration object. During the restoration, the original colour metal blue (not blue metallic!) was chosen again. The classic car was in regular use until autumn 2021. Today, an EMW convertible is much rarer than a pre-war BMW.


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • 2


  • Petrol


  • valuation report
  • registered

Optional equipment

  • electrical equipment 12 volt
  • oil cooler


  • LHD
  • additional electric fuel pump
  • oil cooler from BMW 327/28

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