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The top model of series E46

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The BMW M3 was a modern power package when it came onto the market in 1995. The media celebrated the M3 from the E36 series as the “Car of the Century”. The M3 Convertible is super high powered so this young classic makes for relaxed driving but can also be a “beast”, depending on how you want to drive it!

Our BMW M3 Convertible is from 2006. It features all improvements that were available during its 11-year production run. It was first licensed to BMW AG. The sporty car has approx. 106,000 km mileage and its visual and technical state is world class. Now is the time to secure this top model from this series as the “M” certification has also been a guarantee for stability in value.


  • 2

Optional equipment

  • air condition
  • alloy wheels
  • navigation device
  • power top


  • front: disc
  • rear: disc


  • LHD


  • Petrol
  •  6-speed sequential gearbox
  • 19″ alloy wheels
  • Alpina navigation device

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