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Bentley MK VI

Rare coupé by James Young

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Since 1946 there was a new Bentley on the market based on engines that had been developed in 1938. The body design was based on the Bentley MK V, which was only sold in small numbers due tp the war. Another novelty was the standard steel body.

Our Bentley MK VI by James Young was characterized as a “Fixed Head Coupé de Luxe”. Its first owner, Mr Percy Cecil Henderson, a business owner from Essex bought the exclusive Coupé from car merchant Jack Barclay in London. The historic English documents list five owners. Since 1966 the Oldtimer was in the Netherlands and is now in German hands. Years ago this very rare car was completely overhauled. The Bentley runs very well, and although the opulent interior shows some wear and tear, it is still in good condition. Its weakest feature is the paint which has been considered when we priced the car and we would be happy to offer the Coupe with a new coat a paint. James Young’s signature features like elegant design and superior wood craftsmanship are very visible in this special classic car!


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • 2


  • Petrol



Optional equipment

  • sliding roof


  • RHD
  • Big sliding roof

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