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Triumph Vitesse

Sporty tourer

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It is not a well-known fact that two Germans, Siegfried Bettmann and Mauritz Johann Schulte founded the New Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd. In 1887 in Coventry. They made their first car in 1923, at the time named the Type 10/20. In the 1930s, Triumph made a name for itself with well-equipped, sporty mid-range cars. It competed with the Jaguar SS on an equal footing.

Our Triumph Vitesse Tourer was delivered as a limousine to Eltes & Fox Biscuits in Banscough. The second owner drove it in the city of Derby. After the war, the Vitesse was supposed to become a sports car. After a long search today’s touring body was found and built up in the 70s. In 1999 the sporty classic car came to Germany and has been registered here since 2003. It’s a pleasure to drive on country roads with this agile touring car! Between 80 and 100 km / h this 80 year old classic does very well. The original engine was replaced by a more powerful contemporary engine.

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