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1951 Mercedes-Benz 170 Da OTP - rare police car

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz built open police touring cars (OTP) for the newly established Federal Border Police in 1951/52? It was only a small series of 530 vehicles: the model 170 Da (W 136 VI) was chosen, with a special body as a four-seater car with a folding top, a front window that could be folded forward and plugable side windows. The somewhat bizarre shape of the folding top, which, in contrast to convertibles, slopes almost vertically at the rear, was due to the fact that the police troops wore so-called "shakos" (helmet-like headgear) when they were deployed in the 1950s, which needed a certain amount of headspace when the top was closed.

After the vehicles were taken out of service - up to 20 years after their initial registration - a few vehicles could be acquired by civilians and thus develop into absolute classic cars for enthusiasts. The power of the 40 hp diesel engine certainly does not allow for a sporty driving style, but isn't that exactly what you are looking for in such a rare veteran? More information...


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