Test Drive


1975 BMW 3.0 CSi - Coupé mit herrlicher Ausstrahlung

It is standing here elegant, sporty and in good condition.

But the first thought about technology is: injection engine with 200 hp and automatic transmission. How does that work together?

So get in and take a seat behind the steering wheel, start and drive off. The strong six-cylinder runs smoothly and immediately the driving pleasure is there! The automatic accepts the power discreetly. Well, it's a bit more restrained than with the manual transmission, but also more relaxed.

The superior chassis demonstrates its capabilities on the curvy country road. Then a short trip on the highway. You drive confidently and relaxed in traffic, and if you have to, there is still power reserve. After returning the conclusion is: The three-liter injection and the automatic are a good combination!

Convince yourself, we're looking forward to see you!

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