Test Drive


1997 Ason Martin Virage Volante - nearly like a new car

For one thing you can also take a test drive in winter on dry and salt-free roads and for another thing: With this car it is a special experience!

The dignified wood and leather interior inspires as soon as you get in. If you start the convertible, the sonorous sound of the V8 engine is a treat for the ears.

The Virage is described by the manufacturer as a comfortable touring car. When driving, you quickly feel that it is easy to handle. There is always enough power available thanks to the high torque. Driving with the top down on country roads in beautiful surroundings is a real treat for the senses!

But you can also challenge the Aston Martin Virage Volante. The 5,340 cc and 250 kW/340 hp V8 four-valve engine is a real sports engine.

If you like a solid and rare convertible with a mileage of just 8,000 km, this is an ideal companion on all your journeys.

Convince yourself, we're looking forward to see you!

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