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Volvo PV 544

the much-vaunted “old fellow”

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In mid 1944, Volvo introduced a new car, the Volvo PV 444. Europe had other issues at the time but the modern design with self-supporting body and independent suspension was exactly what the new post war era needed. The PV 444 became available for purchase in 1947 and was a hit. Demand remained high due to continuous improvement and starting in 1958 the model was called PV544. The car quickly got its loving nickname “Humpback Volvo” due to its slightly old fashioned look.

Our Volvo PV 544 was first registered in Sweden, then Holland and has been with its German owner since 2008. This is an older restoration with a new body painting at the time. Its current owner overhauled the technology: front and rear axles, brakes, cooling, exhaust, clutch, spur gears and transmission. Yes, there is some wear and tear but it makes this classic charming and a loyal companion!


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • 2


  • Petrol


  • registered


  • LHD
  • older restoration
  • technique overhauled

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