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Morris Minor 1000

A real “wolf in sheep`s clothing”

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The Morris Minor was the “British Volkswagen”. The founder of the Morris company, William Richard Morris, was a great talent both technically and commercially. The ingenious designer Alec Issigonis created the contemporary Morris Minor in 1948. This series was complemented in the autumn of 1953 by a successful estate car, the Traveller, which with its partially wood-panelled body is still very popular today as the “Woodie”.

Our Morris Minor Traveller was built in 1971, the last year of the series, and was used by the British military. So it was not until 1980 that the classic car got a German registration plate. Then it was converted into a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”: Rover’s modern double-camshaft engine gives it plenty of power with 103 kW/140 hp. The entire drivetrain with 5-speed gearbox, front disc brakes and suitable axles was changed and so the chassis matches the engine performance. With this, you leave everyone baffled when you start at the traffic lights! Even a maximum speed of 130 km/h or faster is not rocket science. This Morris Minor Traveller is incredible fun!


  • front: disc
  • rear: drum


  • 4


  • Petrol


  • RHD
  • Engine: Rover-K-series 1,400 cc (original 1,098 cc)
  • Power: 103kW/140 hp (original 35 kw/48 hp)
  • 5-speed transmission (original 4-speed)
  • modern drive technology

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