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BMW 327

gorgeous pre-war convertible with FIVA card and MATCHING NUMBERS!

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The BMW 327 was, next to the 328 Roadster, THE BMW icon of the 1930s. It’s initial release in the winter of 1937 wasn’t well timed but when a model with 80 PS got introduced in 1938, demand grew rapidly. A solid 1,124 cars of this model were built and its last release was in Hamburg (Germany) in May 1941. The BMW 327 Convertible looks sassy, is sporty and easy to handle and this classic can easily compete in today’s traffic.

Our BMW 327 Convertible was released in Berlin (Germany) in 1939 and its lucky first owner was an artist. Its current owner bought this gem in the mid-90s and restored it completely. The vintage car drives well, has a FIVA Identity Card and is registered in Germany. Car and owner have enjoyed many historic excursions rallies together!


  • front: drum
  • rear: drum


  • 2


  • Petrol


  • FIVA Identity Card
  • registered

Optional equipment

  • spads
  • wheel cover


  • LHD

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