Triumph TR4

Triumph wanted to get a slice of the big pie of small, purist sports cars for the massive US market. This is how the TR2 got created. And it could not have been a more British Roadster. The TR3 as its immediate successor was cut from the same cloth but with for the TR4 Triumph was aiming for a modern body design so they contracted with the Italian design house Michelotti. Its timeless design is still popular today. With its technology based on an improved TR3, the TR4 was heavier than its predecessor but still sporty. In its early days most of the cars were exported.

Our Triumph TR4 Roadster was delivered in Europe. It was purchased by a body construction compamy in Northern Germany and completed overhauled. It has since been driven 800 kilometers. This car is a complete steal as its price does not reflect the investment that was made with the restoration!



  • 2

Optional equipment

  • alloy wheels
  • wooden steering wheel


  • front: disc
  • rear: drum


  • LHD


  • petrol

british speedster